What is SpotViewer?

SpotViewer... Where SpotBuyers connect with SpotSellers


SpotViewer provides production companies, advertising agencies and creative freelancers an easy way to market their video spots to prospective clients in every market in the country.

When you create a great spot for a business in your own local market, upload it to SpotViewer, and wait for a SpotBuyer from another market to see your spot, like your spot, and want to buy your spot. SpotViewer takes care of the production coordination, the financial transaction, delivery and inventory control. And it all happens without you needing to leave home.


SpotViewer makes it easy for SpotBuyers to find video commercials created for businesses just like their own, from non-competing markets elsewhere in the country. SpotBuyers quickly browse through an extensive catalogue of spots that are available in their local market area, and then preview them before they buy. SpotViewer coordinates production, the financial transaction, delivery and inventory control.

Once a spot is sold, the SpotBuyer has exclusive rights for the spot in their local market, and the spot is removed from inventory so your competitors can’t see or buy the same spot.


What is SpotViewer?

SpotViewer is a website that connects SpotSellers with SpotBuyers, creating the national marketplace between those who create and those who need creative commercials to sell their products.

How much does SpotViewer cost?

Registering for a basic SpotViewer account is free, transaction fees apply. And advanced features can be purchased for an additional cost.

Can SpotBuyers preview a spot before ordering?

Yes. SpotViewer’s success is based on the fact that SpotBuyers can preview a successful commercial before buying and revising and updating. SpotViewer Account Producers will be assigned to SpotBuyers and coordinate the production process.

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